at 1:00 the other members of RADWIMPS talk about Noda Yojiro’s lyrics and its’ charm, roughly translated this. oho.

Yamaguchi Satoshi: The meaning behind his words of course but above all how they come into existence is amazing and how he makes them fit with the rhythm. I think that coming up with the lyrics alone is hard enough and because he does both (composing lyrics & music) and makes them go together is amazing.

Kuwahara Akira: He writes about things you’ve never thought about or things you have thought about and realize “oh that means this”. He gives you a thinker and change your mind about things as if they were your own idea. He is able to paint up his lyrics as if they were right in front of you

Takeda Yusuke: Looking at his lyrics makes me think “if I thought about things in this way or cherish people or the world like this” then the person I am now could change. Even if I have lived for example 68 years I don’t think I could reach the conclusion he makes. He brings you into a new world. I get influenced by him a lot

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