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21. Isabella. Swede. Runs on coffee
I play Fire Emblem in my spare time.
ONE OK ROCK's music is my language.
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im never going to escape this boyband they just keep getting hotter and more talented and keep doing /things/ and i just keep getting poorer and sadder 



DISH// 『皿 vs オールスラ マジで俺たち野音やるの!?こうなったらスラッシャー全員強制集合!! ダイジェスト』

Digest for DISH//’s Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall live DVD; release date is on October 8.

the best swedish insults


  • skitstövel = shit boot
  • träskalle = wood head
  • puttefnask = no direct translation; a physically small prostitute
  • snorvalp = snot puppy
karuikissu whispered:
Senpai could you please make gifs of these DISH// videos: DISH//連載!2人羽織でスイーツ早食い対決! 結果はPOP7月号で!DISH//抜き打ち料理センス対決終了後... DISH//連載!!学力テスト終了後・・・ Your gifs are always so HQ so I would be very thankful if you made some for us //ers

Thank you for your comment! ;///; I’ll gif them when I’ve time!

risusagi whispered:
Hello dear! ^^ if you dont mind, can i request you to gif choutokkyuu's flashback perf on One Man Show Ikki? Thank you so much !! ^^

Yeah sure! :)